Filtering becomes useful in situations we would like to only see the results for specific questions and responses rather than the whole picture.

Once we arrive at the Results page, we can see an Add Filter button on the top right corner.

After clicking it, a box will open asking us which question we would like to filter by. Let's type in What is your department?

It'll then ask us what what responses to that question we would like to filter by. We're only interested in the those who are in the Finance department, so we'll only check that. Once we've made our selections, we can press Apply Filter. 

The results portal will then automatically filter for the specified response and question, where it will only display the results of those the question and response chosen. As we can see under the question What is your department? it is now 100% Finance because that is what it has filtered for. All the other questions visualizations will update too fit that filter as well.

We can also repeat the process to apply even more filters. This time we will add a filter for those responded Yes to Are you a department manager?

We can see that the second filter has been successfully applied. If we ever change our mind and decide to remove a filter, we can easily do so by clicking on the x button to the right of the filtered questions.

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