Here is a quick start guide on what features you will have access to as a collaborator!

User Role Definition

A Collaborator will mainly have access to the Form Builder feature of the project to help with form creation. They can edit/add/delete questions in the form, create categories, and etc. 

Work Flow

Once you log on to the Dharma Platform, you'll be brought to your organization home. We can see projects listed on the left hand side that we are involved in any user role capacity. Let's select Greece Primary Health Care Clinics

We'll then be brought to the Project Home of the project that we selected. We can see that it is one of three icons visible on the top menu bar in addition to Project Setting and Form Builder

Within Project Settings, collaborators have the ability to set Duration and customize Parameters. (For more info on this feature, you can read Customizing Parameters for Project Type)

Within Form Builder, we can get started on adding new question, groups,  categories, editing past questions, and deleting as well. 

Continued Reading

For more information regarding Forms the following articles may be helpful. 

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