You can collect records on the Dharma web platform as well as mobile devices.

Once you log on to the Dharma Platform, you'll be brought to your organization home. We can see all the projects that we are assigned to in any user role. Let's select Supplies Request

We'll then automatically be brought to the Project Home. Now, let's select Data.  

Once we are at this page we can click Add New Pilot Data

A blank form will then open:

We can simply click with our mouse to choose a response. For open response and number questions we can click and type. Once we are done with each section/category of the form, we can select NEXT and it will automatically take us to the next section.

If we click SAVE, all responses entered so far will be saved and the record will show up in our records list. You can go back and edit or continue adding responses to the form by clicking the pencil icon.

Click the green bar to begin a new record with new responses--and repeat to create as many records as you need!

Completing Records

Usually, we don't want to select COMPLETE until we are done filling out the entire form. This will lock the form from any further edits. Only a Data Manager user can unlock completed records.

You can choose to COMPLETE from inside the form, or from the record list using the lock icon. 

Once a record is complete, you can still go back in and View the responses.

Deleting Responses

If for any reason we wanted to delete the form, either during or after data collection, we can simply select the X located on the top right hand corner and press OK when asked Are you sure you want to delete this Response? Just click CANCEL if you change your mind. 

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