Here is a quick start guide on what features you will have access to as a collector! 

User Role Definition

A collector is part of the field staff collecting data on the ground. Once the forms have been finalized and pushed to mobile, collectors will have access to the forms on their mobile as well as web platforms. 


You will have access to the data collection features within the mobile and web platform. 

Once we are logged in to the mobile platform, this will be the home view, where all projects where we are assigned the role of collector will be listed. If we click into a specific project, we can begin to collect new data!

If we are logged into the web platform, we will first be taken to the organization home.

If we click into a project we'll be directed to the project home. Let's click Data on the left menu side bar. 

Within the Data page, we'll be able to view already created records as well as begin a new record. 

Continued Learning

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