After we've finished adding content to our form on the Dharma Web Platform, we'll be ready to start collecting data. Woohoo! Let's get started!

This is the first screen you should see once you've logged onto the mobile app. It lists all the projects you've built and pushed to mobile. For this example, we’ll go ahead and select Supplies Request

Once we've entered the form Supplies Request, you'll notice that the screen looks pretty empty. That's because we haven't filled in and collected any forms yet. To create our first form, we’ll select New Supplies Request (located at the bottom of the screen).

The form is separated into two boxes titled Department Information and Request for New Supplies, each box corresponding to the two categories we created for this form on the web platform. We’ll select the first box to get started. 

Once you've filled out the following questions, we'll click Continue.

This will automatically bring us to the next category Request for New Supplies. The form will begin to change color as we begin filling in response. 

  • red - signifies that no questions within the category have been answered
  • green - signifies that all questions have been answered. 

Once we've filled out the second part of the form, we can click Continue again. 

Now that we've finished collected all parts of the form we can click Done. This means that we are done with the form for now, but we can still go back to the form later to make edits. However, if we were to select arrow icon to the top right, this would mean that we are Completely done with the form and would not be able to edit the record in the future. (It’s safer to go with Done unless you’re absolutely sure you will not make changes in the future).

Congratulations! We've completed our first form! To collect more forms, we can simply click New Supplies Request and repeat the process. Or we can also select the arrow key located on the top left corner to return to the projects screen.

This is how your screen will look after collecting many forms for a project!

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