If your collectors speak multiple languages, it can be a good idea to have forms display in the mobile app in one language and on the web portal in another. By default, the mobile app will display a form in the same language as the original form. You can toggle back and forth between the web form and mobile form by selecting WEB or MOBILE located on the left hand side of the screen.

When you enter content in the WEB pane, the questions you create will appear in that language on the Results page. However, if you need to have these questions display on the mobile app in another language, just click on MOBILE.

On this form, you’ll see that the mobile form currently looks exactly the same as its web counterpart. Let's change that!

For example, let’s say we're working with collectors whose primary language is Spanish. We can easily change the question language in the web portal:

When we deploy it to the mobile app by selecting Save & Push to Mobile, it will appear in the display language.

But - because you've only changed the display language - the results questions will still appear in the original language you've set, in case the user processing results doesn't speak the same language as the collectors.

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