Here is a quick start guide on what features you will have access to as a multi project administrator! 

User Role Definition

Workspace level project admin(s) are a user role who has the capability to create or "add" new projects to a workspace.

They also inherit all project level project admin functionality for projects they create themselves with the exception of the "collector" functionality.

In short, a multi project admin will inherit collaborator, researcher, data manager, and staff manager roles for projects they create.

See a brief overview of all project level roles here.


As a project(s) admin, you will be able to select the "add new project" button and go through the project creation workflow.

Within the workspace home, select the Add Project button.

Type in the project name and also don't forget to drop a pin on the map for project location, then click Save. These two fields are required to create a project!

You will then be brought to the project home of your newly created project! Just like a project level project admin you will have access to all menu sub features on the left hand navigation bar. 

First, let's go to Settings to set up the basic frame of the project, such as sites, parameters, duration, users, and more:

Once that's done, let's go to Form Builder to start building the questionnaire:

After collecting data on either/both mobile device and desktop, you can access Tracking and Results to track progress:

We can also view results within Results

Continued Reading

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