After collecting data on a mobile device, you will see one of the three icons below: 

Incomplete vs. Complete 

We can see that the first record is listed under INCOMPLETE RECORDS with the following icon. 

This is because record was finished with the DONE workflow and can still be edited by collectors as needed. This does not mean that the record is actually not finished!

The following two records are listed under COMPLETED RECORDS as they have been finished with the Complete(arrow icon) and are now locked, no edits are now allowed. 

On Web Results, you can filter to view only completed, or both incomplete and complete records through this filter box and unchecking Show only completed responses

Waiting to Upload vs. Uploaded to Server

Any finished record that display this yellow clock icon to the right mean that it is currently waiting to upload. This may occur in cases where there are several records to upload or if you are currently collecting data offline. If this icon is visible it is important to connect your device to data/wifi and keep your device open to allow records to upload. 

This green check icon confirms that the record has successfully uploaded to server!  To be able to see the records reflected on the web Results section, make sure your responses have been uploaded to server. 

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