Here is a quick start guide on what features you will have access to as a project administrator! 

User Role Definition

A Project Administrator owns the project, and has access to all areas of the project, such as setting parameters, form building, data collection, and viewing results and exports. While the project administrator does not have to be performing all these functions, having access to all of them gives the person the power to modify and distribute responsibilities as necessary. 

Work Flow

When assigned as a project administrator, you will see projects that you are project admin for when you log in. This is what the organization home will look like: 

Let’s click on Rapid Needs Assessment

As you can see, you have access to all the menus on the top navigation bar. 

First, let's go to Settings to set up the basic frame of the project, such as sites, parameters, duration, users, and more:

Once that's done, let's go to Form Builder to start building the questionnaire:

After collecting data on either/both mobile device and desktop, you can access Staff Tracking and Results. to track progress:

Continued Reading

For more in-depth instructions per menu, please refer to these articles: 

Project Settings

Form Builder 

Staff Tracking

Collecting Data


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