Here is a quick start guide on what features you will have access to as a guest.

User Role Definition

A Guest will mainly have access to the Results Dashboard feature of the project which can be utilized to view the visualizations of the collected data. Unlike a researcher user role who will have access to results across all sites of data collection, guests will only see results for one particular site that they have been assigned to. 

Work Flow

Once you log on to the Dharma Platform, you'll be brought to your organisation home. You can see a project listed on the map that you are involved in any user role capacity. 

You can also use the grid view to see the projects. In here, let's take the example of the project Household Survey. Click on the project.

You have now reached the project Results page. The result page visualize the collected data.

Continued Reading

For more information regarding the Results Dashboard the following articles may be helpful.

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