At any point after we’ve begun data collection, we can also start viewing our results. Results will appear as soon as  at least one form has been collected; they’re live and dynamic, and will continue to show updates as each form is completed. To view results, click on the Results icon on the left-hand sidebar. 

This is what you'll see once you arrive at the Results portal:

If you click on Summary & Advanced Result, The Project Summary displays how many responses have currently been collected, and the numbers automatically update as more responses come in. If any custom Advanced Results have been built out within Project Settings they will display below Project Summary.

When you scroll further down the page you will see a visualization for a question that has been built on the formbuilder. To browse the results you either have the option to: 

  1. Click the symbol ">" to see the next question
  2. Click on a specific question (listed on the left hand side) so that the visualization for that question will appear. You also have the option to choose a specific Category and Level. 

The visual displays of the results will range from pie charts to bar graphs and more! To change displays, click on the gear icon located on the top right hand side of a specific question. 

You'll then see a box drop down with several options. Let's select Modify Visualization

Then we have the option of choosing data visualized as a Pie, Bar, or Donut. We'll go with Bar

Voilà! Our visual has successfully changed to a graph. 

We also have the option to the Meta Information of each number question, which shows the question and other statistical data associated with the responses. 

You may also find Adding Comparisons )and other articles within the Analyzing Results category) helpful in understanding this feature.

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