Organization Home is where you can see and manage all your projects. Org Home is the first place you land when you log into Dharma. You can also get there any time by clicking the Dharma logo on the top left corner.

From Org Home you can:

  • Navigate to existing projects.
  • Add new projects.
  • Edit, delete, or duplicate projects.

Navigate to existing projects

First, you can always find a particular project quickly by using the search bar at the top of Org Home.

There are also two ways to display your current projects. Grid View shows tiles for each project (shown above), and Map View displays them as pins on a map (shown below). You can switch between views by clicking on them:

If you are in Map View and you have several projects close together, they’ll appear as a group while you’re zoomed out. Click on the Blue group dot to zoom in, and click on a project pin to see more details and navigate to a project:

Add new projects

Admins can create new projects by selecting the Blue Add Project button. You'll be asked to set a name and location, and then it will take you into your project’s home page to finish setting it up. Learn more about creating new projects here.

Edit, Delete, and Duplicate Projects

Finally, admins can manage projects by clicking the gear icon on each of the project tile in Grid View:

Edit allows you to change the project name, description, location, or icon.

Delete removes the project from your organization. Be careful--the project will disappear from your web and mobile Dharma applications and all project information will be archived.

Duplicate makes a copy of the project form--but without any of the data, results, or user assignments.

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