Sites are simply locations from which you will be collecting your data. For example, you might be organizing workshops in different cities, or tracking hospitals in a range of countries. By setting up sites, you can filter the results later and analyze them on a more granular level. 

Beginning at a project's home page, you can either select Settings on the top menu and then go to Sites or click the gear icon next to Project Sites located to the left to add sites to a project. 

You'll then arrive at this page:

Within the Add New Site box on the left, fill in the 4 requirements: site name, icon, icon color, and location. Finally, click Save.

Now we have a fourth saved site, New Site!

Once we've created our sites, we can assign collectors to them. 

Select Users > Collectors. Here we can see the sites we’ve created.

If we select the arrow icon to the left of the site Pawnee High School, options will open. Let's click Add Collector. We'll assign Ron Swanson and press Save. (Notice that it said, "Add Collector to Pawnee Default Group Default Team." Unlike sites, groups and teams are optional; if you don’t assign them, they’ll simply be put in a “default” group for each.) 

You'll see Ron Swanson has now been successfully assigned to Pawnee. 

Now we’ll click on Add Group. Just like it sounds,  a group is a set of staff that are assigned to a specific site. 

Let's title the group name Classroom 7 and click Add

Classroom 7 is now listed under the site Pawnee High School. If we click on Classroom 7, options will open underneath it. 

Now within the group Classroom 7, let's add a few teams labeled Honors teachers and Non Honors Teachers. Just as groups can be created under sites, several teams can be created under groups. Teams are a smaller subset within groups. 

Teams Honors Teachers and Non Honors Teachers have now been created. Let's expand these teams and add collectors to them!

Click Add Collector immediately underneath Honors Teachers. Let's add April Ludgate and select Save. We can repeat the process and place Ann Perkins on Honors Teachers as well. 

This time, let's add Tom Haverford to Non Honors Teachers

We've now created sites and assigned different groups and teams to these sites!

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