Creating a Signature Capture question

As with other question types, choose Signature Capture from the response type list within a question tile. 

You also have the option to enter text for an Agreement that will appear above the signature box-- but it’s not required.

Collecting Signature Capture responses

Mobile Collection
Once you’ve created a signature type question, you can sign forms directly within the mobile app.

The question first asks the collector to type the name of the signee.

The Signature URL field will be blank at first. Click Sign Now to bring up the signature entry page. Use your finger to draw your signature on the white section of the screen. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry! Simply click Reset or click and hold on the white space to clear the signature and try again. When you’re happy with the signature, click Agree or Submit (depending on if you added agreement text).

You can tell if a signature has been submitted if the Signature URL field is now filled with text (the Dharma database URL) and a preview is shown. You can now continue filling out the form!

When collecting signatures through web, you’ll need to have an existing image file of the signature. To upload the signature to Dharma, you can either:

  1. Paste in an existing external image URL to the Signature URL field, or 
  2. Select Upload Signature and choose an image file on your computer.

When the signature has been successfully uploaded, the form will show a preview of your signature file and the Dharma database URL where it’s stored. 

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