One of Dharma's key features is the ability to track staff performance - in real time. This gives valuable insight into how data collection is taking place, especially in instances where you may be managing staff in multiple sites that might even be thousands of miles from each other. Dharma gives you the ability to manage projects by the click of a few buttons.

Once we select Staff Tracking on the top bar menu, we'll be redirected to the staff tracking Summary page. 

We can Add Filters to view collection progress dis-aggregated by sites, groups, teams, and individual collectors.

Under Tracking, we have the capacity to track data collection specific to each day, down to the exact times the forms were completed. Each colored block shows when that collector was actively entering data--so you can see if there are inappropriate gaps in time or unusually long collection periods. 

We can also choose specific collectors, and add site or group filters just like in the summary page. Use the side arrows to change between dates, and the top arrows to shift the hourly time span on that day.

Under Location, we can visualize data collection at the most recently-captured GPS location for each site. 

Finally, under Performance, you can see the distribution of how long collectors are taking to complete each form. This is helpful to identify outliers, where collectors might be taking too little or too much time to finish a form compared to what you'd expect or target. Again, you can filter by site, group, team, or collector to drill down where staff performance issues might be occurring. 

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