Dharma Platform can also capture barcodes for question responses!

To do so, let's simple add a new question and select Barcode for response type. 

We have the option to only allow certain barcode types by toggling the button. After clicking on the button, different barcode types will be displayed below. We can select or deselect barcodes that will be acceptable or unacceptable.

Now let's see how the barcode question will look on the mobile application! We can start the process for scanning a barcode by simply clicking on Scan data

We'll then be brought to this camera view. To effectively scan a barcode make sure to be stable and get the barcode placed within the outline of the square. 

Many different types of barcodes can be scanned!

Once the barcode is successfully scanned, we'll be brought back to the form with the barcode digits filled in. 

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