Once you’ve built a longitudinal project with Dharma’s web portal, you can easily collect data on your Dharma mobile app, just like you would with any other project. And what’s more, with Dharma’s longitudinal data collection capabilities, it’s also easy to look up past records you’ve already collected. Even if you’re offline, you can use Dharma’s mobile platform to reference past data and to collect whatever information you need.

To understand how it’s done, let’s take a look at the longitudinal project we built in the Longitudinal Project article. After logging onto the mobile app, this is the first screen you will see. It lists all the projects you've been assigned the role of collector. Let's go ahead and select Facilities Management

Once we've entered the Facilities Management project, we can see that there are no current records on this project yet. Let’s choose New Record to start our first record!

This window shows all the categories we created under the enrollment form. It  corresponds to the same enrollment form we created on the web platform. We can see that there is only one category called Facilities Profile. Let's click on it.

After filling in the questions, press Continue

We'll then automatically be brought back to the categories view. The red box will have changed to a green color, meaning the form has been completed (an orange color signifies that it has been partially completed). To move on, select Done

After completing the enrollment form, we can move onto filling in the actual facilities forms. This is the form that will continue to be collected several times over a period of time; it’s nested under the Enrollment form (the one we just filled out), which is used to create each individual record. Select New Record to begin.  

(You may remember that on the web form we created two types of forms as well.)

Again we'll be brought to a categories view of the form corresponding to the three categories we created on the web form. Click Cleaning Services, Property Services, then Security Services to collect data for each category.

After completing each category, select Done

We can now see that we've collected one Facility Management Form within the first Facilities Management Enrollment Form with identifier 5. 

For review, there are three main windows to toggle between on longitudinal forms and collecting data over time. The first being the Project Menu:

After selecting Facilities Management, we'll be brought to the enrollment form view. When there are a large number of forms, it may be difficult to scroll up and down to find a specific record. Fear not! We can use the search bar located at the top to search by lookup question, or simply press the + icon to the right of the search bar to filter questions by any question asked on the enrollment level form. 

We can view already finished enrollment forms or select New Facilities Management Enrollment Form to begin a new record for a new facility. If we select 5, we'll be taken to the Facilities Management Forms nested within each Enrollment Form. 

Also note that each enrollment form will have a Record: # indicator, denoting how many responses are nested within it. Within Facility 5, there are 3 records. 

We can see that we've already collected three Facilities Management forms for facility 5. By clicking New Facilities Management we'll be able to collect another record of the same form. 

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