To ensure you get all the information you need during data collection, you may want to make some questions mandatory. You can make any question in your form required so that collectors will have to answer it before submitting their response. 

During data collection, Required Questions are displayed with an asterisk or alert icon, with a reminder to collectors that these questions are mandatory. 

You can turn on required responses for individual questions or categories of questions:

Individual Question Settings

Any question can be made mandatory-- just expand the question tile in Form Builder and toggle on the Required setting. You can turn it off by clicking the button again. By default, new questions are set as optional. 

Category Settings

You can also turn the Required setting on and off for all questions in a particular Category at once. Open up Category Settings by clicking on the black category bar at the top of your form section. You can choose to Mark All Questions Required or Mark All Questions Optional. You can also view how many required questions you have in that category. 

Mark All Questions Required

This will switch on the Required setting for every question you’ve already created in that category. Any new questions you add to that category will also automatically have the Required setting switched on.

If you want most of the questions in the category to be required, you can save time by choosing Mark All Required and manually turning off the Required setting for any individual questions you want to be optional. 

Mark All Questions Optional

If you want to turn off all the Required settings for questions in that category, use this option. You can still turn on the Required setting for individual questions.

Required Questions FAQs

Can I use required questions with skip logic?

Yes! You can also include required questions in groups and follow-up questions. The requirement condition will only hold if the collector sees the question in the first place.

What happens when a collector doesn’t fill out a required question?

If collectors don’t answer a required question and try to hit DONE, they’ll see a message that says “Do you want to leave page and save as draft or stay and continue?.” They can either choose to continue data collection or save it as a draft.

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