Once we have finishing collecting a few records we also have the option to delete records. In this article we'll cover:

  • Deleting 
  • Deleting in Bulk 

Deleting a Record 

Within your project's record view, if you press on a specific record and swipe left the trash icon will appear to the right. If you select the icon, a prompt will appear. To confirm, click Delete. This will permanently delete the record from the mobile device.  

Deleting in Bulk

There may also be cases where we may want to delete the records in bulk, rather than one by one. To turn multi-selecting of records on, continue pressing a record for a few seconds until you see this blue bar screen. Then we can tap to select as many additional records as we would like. 

Once we've selected the desired amount of records, we can perform the delete action on these records by selecting the trash icon located on the top right corner. 

We can also select all or deselect all records by pressing the square icon on the top right. 

To navigate away from the multi-select screen we can select  square icon again to return to record view. 

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