A great feature within the Dharma App is the ability to switch the language you are viewing your mobile device in. You will have the ability to toggle between two languages set by the Project Admin of the project:

  • Results Language - the language that will be displayed on the web platform and mobile platform by default. 
  • Display Language - the secondary language that the form can be displayed on mobile devices. 

By default, the mobile application will display in Results Language. Once you are in a specific project, a collector can toggle to Display language at any point. First, you must select the three dot icon at the top right corner of the device. 

This will trigger a mini navigation box. We can continue by selecting Details.

The Details page is letting us know that the form is currently on Results Language. To change this, lets click on Toggle Language

Now it has changed to Display Language! If we select the X icon to exit the details page, we'll see that a few changes have taking place.

The record labels that were once in Results language (English) have now changed to Display language (Spanish). The Display language will be set by the Project Admin of the project, in this example it is Spanish. If we select New Record, we can also see that the form is now in Spanish - the set Display language!

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