Once we have progressed to some degree with the project - from building the form, collecting data, and looking through results - another important step will be exporting results.  We will have to use the Export feature to continue analysis or simply look at the accumulated data thus far. 

Beginning at the Project Home, select Results.

After arriving at the Results page, we can see EXPORT RESULT on the left hand side. Let's click on it!

We'll then see a box open with three options. These are the three format types we can export: Export Excel Workbook, Export Coded CSV, or Export Named CSV and Export PDF. For this example, we can choose Export Excel Workbook

You’ll see the file automatically start downloading.

Once we open the file, we can visualize all the data collected from past forms.

Notice there are multiple sheets within the file.

User levels that have access to the export include the organization and project administrators, as well as the researcher.

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