Once you've finished building a form, but before you begin data collection, you'll want to assign collectors to the project. Collectors have the role of gathering data. If you push the form to mobile, the collectors will have access to the form on their mobile platforms and accounts. 

Beginning at the Dharma homepage, select whatever project you would like to assign collectors to. For this example, we'll choose the project Supplies Request. 

This will take you to the project homepage. You can then click on Settings, located on the sidebar to the left. 

Next select Users on the top drop-down bar that appears. 

You'll notice that more selections have appeared below Users. Click on Field Staff. This will bring you to the following page:

Select Add Collector and this small box will pop up. Fill in your collector's name and email and press Save

The collector will have then been added under the collectors section. 

You also have the option to Add Collectors in Bulk through two methods: 

Uploading a CSV File

You can either click Upload a CSV File or drag the file to the following area. Make sure the collector's list is written with this format: Email, First Name, Last Name or you will be redirected to revise it: 

Once you've successfully uploaded a correctly formatted CSV file you should see the following:

You also have the ability to edit the information before confirming. Click OK and the collectors will be added. 

Paste in a Collectors List second method of adding collectors in bulk is by pasting a list. 

Click Paste in Collector List in CSV to add collectors in bulk through a second method. 

You will then be redirected to this page where you can paste your collectors list. Again, make sure that is in the following format: email, first name, last name. If the correct format is entered, you can again edit before confirming by clicking OK. 

This is how it should look once you add several collectors to your project. 

Returning to the project homepage, there's also a shortcut that exists to add your collectors. Click on the wheel button located on the right side of ‘Project Staff’.

Voilà! You'll then have been redirected back to the Field Staff page. 

Also look through our article regarding Understanding Sites, Groups, and Teams to see how you can manage collectors once we've added them. 

Deactivating Users

To deactivate users from collecting data, go to Settings -> Users -> Field Staff Grouping.

 Locate the user you are trying to deactivate under either ‘Assigned Staff’ or ‘Unassigned Staff’. For example, let’s deactivate April from the ‘Eagleton High School’ Site. Click on the pencil icon next to April’s name. 

You can see that the status says ‘Currently Activated’. 

Click on the purple button so that it turns grey. You have deactivated April from her site. 

Now April is blocked from accessing this project and won’t be able to collect data. 

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